Good eye health "is very important when wearing contact lenses"

Good eye health "is very important when wearing contact lenses"

It is very important for contact lens wearers to maintain good eye health, an optical expert has stressed.

Dr Varsha Rathi wrote in a piece for the Deccan Chronicle that people should keep their contact lenses clean as failing to do this can cause discomfort, irritation and infections in the eyes.

"Contact lens users should follow the prescribed lens care instructions, adhere to the recommended lens replacement schedules and visit their lens specialists regularly," she added.

Dr Rathi advised people to wash their hands with a mild soap and avoid applying cream or cosmetics before inserting contact lenses.

She also warned them never use tap water to clean, insert or remove lenses and to use only filtered water or contact lens solution for these purposes.

In a recent piece, in the Detroit News advised those heading abroad to keep contact lens solution with them in their hand luggage in case they face long delays or get separated from their suitcases.

by Martin Burns

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