Woman undergoes revolutionary eye surgery

Woman undergoes revolutionary eye surgery

By Adrian Galbreth

A woman from Belfast has become the first person in the UK and Ireland to undergo a revolutionary eye surgery operation.

Mary McCall"s eye was fitted with a device which aims to stop glaucoma and has been dubbed the "millimetre miracle", the Ballymena Times reports.

Called the iStent, the device is a minute piece of titanium weighing just 60 microgrammes and is the smallest medical device ever to be implanted into the human body.

It works by draining fluid and lowering the pressure in a sensitive part at the back of the eye.

"This is a massive step forward for the treatment of glaucoma and has the potential to help so many people," consultant Colin Willoughby, who was part of the team of surgeons who fitted the device, told the newspaper.

"We have now had time to assess Mrs McCall and we are delighted with the result," he added.

The Eye Health Alliance said last month that regular eye examinations are "vital" for the elderly, as they help to guard against glaucoma and other ocular diseases.

by Emily Tait

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