Procedure may protect eyes during radiation treatment

Procedure may protect eyes during radiation treatment

Experts in the US claim that a new procedure may help to protect people"s vision when undergoing radiation treatment for eye cancer.

Dr Tara McCannel, assistant professor of ophthalmology and director of the UCLA Ophthalmic Oncology Center at the Jules Stein Eye Institute, said a substance called silicon oil shields the eye and appears to protect vision in patients undergoing radiation therapy for ocular melanoma.

"Until recently, physicians focused on killing the tumour and considered vision loss secondary. Our results suggest that silicon oil offers a safe tool for protecting the patient"s vision during radiation," she said.

Dr McCannell added that the experts discovered silicon oil absorbs nearly 50 per cent of the radiation, so reduces the amount of radioactive rays that reach the back and sides of the eye.

It comes after the Eye Care Trust claimed that those affected by regular headaches could be suffering from poor binocular vision.

by Adrian Galbreth

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