Inadequate contact lens hygiene "may cause red eye"

Inadequate contact lens hygiene "may cause red eye"

Contact lens wearers have been warned that inadequate hygiene standards relating to the products may result in conditions such as red eye.

That is the advice being issued by Parwez Hossain, a consultant ophthalmologist at Southampton General Hospital, who said that the main consequence of poor judgement when purchasing products online is the heightened risk of developing chronic red eye, progressing to infection or ulceration.

"All these causes of red eye may lead to increased chances of corneal infection/ulceration or corneal vascularisation, and a lack of professional guidance means the chances of the above occurring become more likely," he said.

Mr Hossain also pointed to two studies conducted in Australia and the US which have highlighted the risks of buying lenses over the internet from disreputable sellers.

It comes after researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory were honoured with an award for developing an eye disease-detecting technology which screens the eyes of large patient populations.

by Martin Burns

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