Expert adds to Lady Gaga contact lens debate

Expert adds to Lady Gaga contact lens debate

By Emily Tait

The debate over Lady Gaga"s controversial contact lenses continue to rage, with another industry expert adding his weight to the argument against the products.

Paediatric eye doctor Richard Piccione told KLFY.com that it is not advisable to mimic the style of Lady Gaga in the singer"s Bad Romance video – the doe-eyed look achieved by special contact lenses.

"The colour is different, but it also makes the pupil look a lot bigger. They may look nice, but these lenses can cause pain, inflammation, and less oxygen getting to the eye, allowing for bacteria to grow," he explained.

Dr Piccione added that the lenses may also not fit correctly, as they are not specifically tailored to the individual eyeball.

It comes after Melanie Pickett, a contact lens expert at the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Eye Institute at the Indiana University School of Medicine, told Health Canal that products purchased from a disreputable supplier could have lasting consequences.

by Adrian Galbreth

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