Eye protection "should start early"

Eye protection "should start early"

Eye protection should start at an early age if children are to gain safety tips which they can follow for life, one expert has stated.

Optometrist Dr Mike Houle told KXNet.com that, as UV rays are known to damage the eyes, it is especially important to ensure that young people wear eye protection during the summer months or whenever their face is exposed to the sun.

He added that the key is to choose a brand of sunglasses which offers excellent protection, not necessarliy a pair which costs a lot of money.

"When it comes to optics, you get what you pay for. That does not always go hand in hand with protection. Sometimes at a lower cost you can get good UV protection, but how you see out of the lenses can vary dramatically," Dr Houle stated.

Recently, contact lens manufacturer CooperVision launched a new initiative to encourage young sportsmen and women to maintain healthy vision and take care of their sight. 

by Emily Tait

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