20/20 vision improved with contact lenses

20/20 vision improved with contact lenses

Contact lenses can improve eyesight immensely, says a manufacturer.

People could be mistaken for thinking there is nothing more impressive than having 20/20 vision.

It might come as a surprise to know that there is - as much as 20/100.

Those people who have 20/20 vision can see an object well while standing 20 fet away from it.

The lucky ones who have 20/100 vision can see the object just as well if it is 100 feet away.

Some seven out of ten people who need vision correction can achieve 20/100 eyesight when they are fitted with contact lenses, according to Johnson and Johnson (J&J) Vision Care.

J&J, maker of 1 Day Acuvue daily disposable contact lenses, adds the convenience and comfort of Acuvue lenses make them especially appealing.

"Depending on how often you replace your lenses, every day, week or every two weeks, the cost of Acuvue brand contact lenses ranges from about 30p to £1.30 per day," the company went on to say

J&J was the first firm to develop a daily disposable lens.

by Emily Tait

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