Report: Young contact lens wearers "must be careful"

Report: Young contact lens wearers "must be careful"

A new healthcare study has acted as a warning to young people to take extra care when it comes to wearing contact lenses.

According to the Associated Press (AP), the report issued by US Food and Drug Administration shows that over 70,000 children and teenagers require emergency treatment each year for problems related to medical devices, with contact lenses the most prevalent issue.

The study showed that many of the problems include eye infections and abrasions resulting from wearing contact lenses for too long without cleaning them, and the researchers called for greater awareness to reduce incidents.

Dr Steven Krug, head of emergency medicine at Chicago"s Children"s Memorial Hospital, told the AP that the study highlights how correct procedures need to be followed for all medical devices, including contact lenses.

Recently, healthcare experts have been advising young people not to buy contact lenses from a disreputable online seller, following a number of incidents involving teens purchasing illegal circular lenses to copy Lady Gaga.

by Emily Tait

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