Cases that organise contact changes

Cases that organise contact changes

For people who have opted to wear disposable contact lenses that last for two or more weeks, an innovative design of contact lens case has been designed.

LED Countact Lens Case is an ordinary lens box with an integrated countdown timer that reminds people when their lenses need to be thrown out.

Contact lens cases without timers are usually given out free of charge when lenses are ordered online - however, the timer is a new gadget that could become a stocking-filler this Christmas.

Those who wear this kind of vision correction will be aware contact lenses come in daily disposable, two-weekly and monthly varieties.

While daily disposable lenses are the most convenient as they are thrown out at the end of each day, longer-wear ones must be sterilised in their case.

Dvice website said: "The problem? You"re forgetful! How are you to remember when you last changed your lenses?"

Contact lens cases, whether they come with a natty timer or not, must be replaced every three months to prevent bacteria breeding and causing eye infections.

by Martin Burns

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