Young children "can handle contact lens responsibility"

Young children "can handle contact lens responsibility"

Some children as young as eight years old are capable of handling the responsibility of wearing contact lenses, a new study has found.

Research conducted at Ohio State University and published in the Journal of Optometry and Vision Science has found that young children in the US could wear contact lenses up to four years younger than the current agreed age barrier of 12 years.

Jeffrey Walline, an optometry researcher at the university, said a three-month study of ten nearsighted children found that nine of them handled daily disposable contact lenses with little or no trouble.

"Many parents don"t realise that their eight-year-old child can handle the responsibility of contact lenses, so they don"t think to ask," he explained.

However, Mr Walline added that the children in the study relied on their parents to put in the lenses and remove them.

It follows a recent report by the US Food and Drug Administration which revealed that 70,000 children a year are injured in accidents relating to medical devices.

by Adrian Galbreth

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