Focus on astigmatism

Focus on astigmatism

Astigmatism is a condition caused by an uneven eye surface, leading to blurred vision and resulting in headaches.

The majority of people with astigmatism are born with it and it is not uncommon for someone with astigmatism to have other eyesight problems, such as short or long-sightedness.

Correction for this condition includes wearing toric contact lenses or glasses or undergoing surgery.

According to Bausch and Lomb, maker of Purevision toric contact lenses, soft contact lenses are ideal for people with astigmatism.

"Astigmatism is corrected by bending the light rays onto a single plane," the company explains.

It went on to describe the effects of astigmatism as "all objects both near and far are distorted".

"Images are blurred because some of the light rays are focused and others are not."

Toric contact lenses are made with different curvatures and angles than ordinary contact lenses, plus they are designed not to move on the eye.

They are available to buy online with a prescription.

by Martin Burns

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