New contact lens wearers offered comfort tips

New contact lens wearers offered comfort tips

People who have only recently begun wearing contact lenses have been offered tips to make the transition to the products as comfortable as possible.

Edward James, writing for Helium.com, noted that contact lenses are a "great invention", though observed that getting used to wearing them can often be tricky.

To solve this problem, he advised wearers to ensure they always follow the manufacturer"s instructions, particularly when it comes to inserting and removing the devices.

"Putting lenses in should always be done with clean hands to reduce the chances of infection. The lenses should always be put in wet to ensure they stick to the eyeball quickly," he said.

Mr James added that unless the lenses are specifically designed for 24-hour use or are night lenses, then they should not be worn while sleeping, as this will enable maximum comfort.

Recently, the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), the world"s largest association of eye physicians and surgeons, warned that the best way of avoiding injury or infection is to ensure that an expert has fitted lenses and that the products have been bought from a reputable supplier.

by Emily Tait

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