US professor presents new contact lens research in Japan

US professor presents new contact lens research in Japan

A top US professor has returned to the country following a trip to Japan in which he presented some key findings of a study into contact lenses.

Dr Thomas Salmon, professor of Optometry at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma, was joined by research assistant Naomi Kusumoto to present a study entitled "Evaluation of the wetting of 1-day disposable soft contact lenses using aberrometry", to Japanese eye experts, KTUL reports.

"One of the leading causes of contact lens failure is discomfort due to lens drying. So contact lens manufacturers are continually trying to improve lens materials so they will resist drying and stay wet and comfortable longer," the website reports him as saying.

Dr Salmon added that the purpose of the study was to use a "sophisticated optical technique" known as aberrometry to evaluate the ability of two daily disposable soft contact lenses to retain moisture.

It comes after research conducted at Ohio State University and published in the Journal of Optometry and Vision Science found that young children in the US could wear contact lenses up to four years younger than the current agreed age barrier of 12 years.

by Adrian Galbreth

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