Specialists issue laser warning

Specialists issue laser warning

Specialists in the US have issued a warning to the public about the use of pointer lasers, advising people never to point them close to the eyes.

A team led by physicist Charles Clark at the National Institute of Standards and Technology set out to establish the dangers associated with the devices, after stories circulated on the internet about the potential hazards of inexpensive models with green laser beams.

"In one case, the group found that a green laser pointer emitted almost twice its rated power level of light - but at invisible and potentially dangerous infrared wavelengths rather than green," the team stated.

The experts concluded that owners of the devices should never point the lasers at the eyes or aim them at surfaces such as windows, which can reflect infrared light back to the user.

Recently, a report issued by US Food and Drug Administration showed that over 70,000 children and teenagers require emergency treatment each year for problems related to medical devices.

by Emily Tait

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