Expert: Wearing wide-eyed contact lenses is risky

Expert: Wearing wide-eyed contact lenses is risky

By Emily Tait

The new trend for wearing wide-eyed contact lenses has been criticised by experts all over the world since Lady Gaga popularised them in the Bad Romance video, and now another specialist has added weight to the argument against them.

Optometrist Dr Nelly Kim told the Vancouver Sun that she recently saw the novelty circle contact lenses for sale at a shop in the town centre but has no idea why people would potentially damage their vision by purchasing them.

The expert pointed out that products such as contact lenses must be professionally fitted, and there is no way of ensuring the "wide-eyed" ones will be the right fit for a person"s eyes, particularly children, among which the products are most popular..

"It"s a scary thing. I don"t understand why someone would want to put a contact lens in, just on their own. But anything that you"re going to put in you eye, you should make sure it"s safe, number one, and make sure it"s actually fitted to your eye," Dr Kim told the publication.

Recently, Melanie Pickett, contact lens expert at the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Eye Institute at the Indiana University School of Medicine, told Health Canal that products purchased from a disreputable supplier could have lasting consequences.

by Adrian Galbreth

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