Brits feel glasses are a rip-off

Brits feel glasses are a rip-off

Millions of British people are avoiding purchasing glasses because they believe that the visual aids are a rip-off, according to the latest research.

Data compiled by Glasses Direct found that 47 per cent of UK adults do not buy glasses because of the supposed high costs of the products, while 65 per cent of those who do buy spectacles say they feel like they have paid over the odds for them.

Additionally, a third of people who purchase glasses are not sure of exactly what they are paying for, whether it be the lenses, frames or the services itself.

The poll found that many people only pay for glasses when their eyesight is so bad that they cannot function properly, but do so begrudgingly.

Earlier this year, research carried out by Sight Care Group, a membership organisation for independent opticians, found that 7.5 million women in the UK are aware that their vision is less than 100 per cent but refuse to entertain the possibility of wearing glasses.

by Emily Tait

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