Experts unlock secret to glaucoma progression

Experts unlock secret to glaucoma progression

The secret to the development and progression of glaucoma has been unlocked by a team of experts in Canada.

According to specialists at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, patients with glaucoma appear to have more rapid visual field change if they are older or if they have abnormal levels of the anticardiolipin antibody.

Dr Balwantray Chauhan, who led the study, said that reducing the pressure within the eyeball in these patients appears to improve the rate at which they experience a decline in their visual field.

He explained: "It may be more beneficial to determine the effect of a risk factor or its modification on the rate of change such that the clinician can gauge the likelihood of lifetime visual disability."

It follows a study carried out by Candy Gunther Brown, an associate professor in the department of religious studies at Indiana University Bloomington, which suggested that healing prayer may be a factor in restoring sight in people with visual impairment.

by Adrian Galbreth

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