Coloured contact lenses "still a popular choice"

Coloured contact lenses "still a popular choice"

A large number of people are still attracted to wearing coloured contact lenses to alter their appearance while improving their vision, it has been claimed.

Dr Vivian Sarabia told the Manila Bulletin that contact lens wearers are also much keener on wearing daily disposables than they used to be, with sales of the products rocketing as people seek a convenient means of vision improvement.

She explained that many people view contact lenses as a style addition which can help accentuate their appearance and give them a new look whenever they feel like it.

"I believe that while fashion changes with seasons, style is timeless. And when style is fused with values, it then becomes perpetual," Dr Sarabia explained.

Meanwhile, Natasha Hughes, in her blog for the Sydney Morning Herald, recently said that coloured contact lenses have become a mainstream fashion accessory and are worth purchasing simply for the compliments the wearer will receive.

by Emily Tait

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