New contact lens offers hope to KC sufferers

New contact lens offers hope to KC sufferers

A new type of hybrid contact lenses may offer hope to the millions of people suffering from keratoconus (KC), it has been claimed.

Texas ophthalmologist Ivan Bank told cbs11tv.com that many sufferers of the condition have tried several treatments and not benefitted, but a new type of lens may be the solution to their discomfort.

Maria Garza, 36, tried the new hybrid lens after she underwent eye surgery and had no benefit, and found that her vision was greatly improved.

She explained that the lens is a combination of two lenses in the same product - glass and plastic - with Dr Bank saying it helped to eliminate past issues for the patient.

He told the newspaper: "Instead of compressing the cornea and causing all the discomfort that we have in the past, we now have a lens that provides excellent vision and excellent comfort."

by Emily Tait

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