Claudia Winkleman "can barely see without contact lenses"

Claudia Winkleman "can barely see without contact lenses"

By Emily Tait

TV presenter Claudia Winkleman struggles to see clearly without the use of her trusty contact lenses, according to reports.

The Daily Mail claims that the 38-year-old host of shows such as Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two can hardly see the autocue when not wearing her contact lenses and so they are a vital part of her work.

Now she is hoping to undergo eye surgery in order to have her vision corrected, in preparation for the filming of Film 2010 in September, when she will take over the reins from Jonathan Ross.

"It's well-known among Claudia's friends and family that she is as blind as a bat. She's terribly squeamish about the surgery but she knows she has to do it because she complains constantly she can't read the autocue," a source told the newspaper.

Meanwhile, an article published on 24-7pressrelease.com recently stated that doctors and dentists in particular could enhance their way of life and the ease of their job by undergoing LASIK laser eye surgery.

by Adrian Galbreth

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