Expert offers contact lens removal advice

Expert offers contact lens removal advice

A contact lens expert has offered advice to one wearer about how best to remove the products.

Responding to a reader query on CNN.com, Dr Jennifer Shu, a pediatrician at the Children"s Medical Group, said that some people often encounter difficulty when removing contact lenses after switching to a new brand.

She noted that the vast majority of contact lens wearers have no problem whatsoever, but for those struggling to remove them after changing manufacturers, the best solution is to wet the eye with drops, which could make them to easier to remove.

"Having relatively dry eyes can make contact lens removal difficult, so try to keep your eyes lubricated, especially around the time you plan to take the lenses out," Dr Shu said.

Meanwhile, Desiree Lobo, writing for the Times of India, recently said that there can be consequences for anybody not closely following the instructions given by the contact lens manufacturer, with particular regards to handling the products.

by Alexa Kaczka

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