Revolutionary contact lens "could change the way we live"

Revolutionary contact lens "could change the way we live"

A revolutionary type of contact lens may result in the way we live changing forever, one source has claimed.

According to an article on PR Wire, the work being done by Professor Babak Parviz of the University of Washington has the ability to change the way in which people go about their daily lives, due to his vision of a new type of contact lens.

Professor Babik believes that tiny circuits in the contact lens with LED displays could stream things such as the gauges on a car dashboard directly into the field of vision provided by contact lenses.

"This type of science is called Augmented Reality and its applications are showing up everywhere. It allows digital information and images to be combined with streaming video in real time," the article stated.

Meanwhile, Texas ophthalmologist Ivan Bank recently told cbs11tv.com that a new type of hybrid contact lenses may offer hope to the millions of people suffering from keratoconus.

by Alexa Kaczka

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