Healthier eyes "can be achieved in a few easy steps"

Healthier eyes "can be achieved in a few easy steps"

There are a few simple steps which people can follow in order to benefit from healthier vision, one source has claimed.

An article on Malaya.com noted that reading and working under proper lighting is one step, as this can reduce eye strain, while eating plenty of fruit and vegetables ensures that people"s eyes are getting the nutrients they need.

The writer pointed also advised taking regular breaks from activities which strain the eyes, while frequent exercise also prevents the development of diseases, including those which affect the eyes.

Limiting exposure to the sun by wearing sunglasses and a hat can prevent harmful UV rays from affecting vision, while the source also advised people to regularly visit an optician.

"Squeeze in an hour or two into your hectic schedules to have a check-up with your eye care practitioner. Your doctor will give you the best advice on how to maintain your eyes in good condition," the source advised.

by Emily Tait

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