Glasses "can be a nuisance"

Glasses "can be a nuisance"

People who wear glasses can often find that they are nuisance, due to the fact that they can alter people"s perception and make some tasks difficult, one commentator has asserted.

Gene Newman, writing for NewJersey.com, pointed out that bifocals in particular present problems for people, including himself, when travelling down the stairs, and he pointed out that many have sought alternative means of vision correction as a result.

"As helpful as they are, eyeglasses can be a nuisance. Thousands of people every year have laser surgery to perfect their vision and toss their glasses. Millions more have switched to contact lenses," he explained.

Recently, Dr Jeffrey Walline, from Ohio State University College of Optometry, said that many people are of the opinion that glasses are far easier to wear on a daily basis than contact lenses, but this is not necessarily the case, as glasses are far easier to lose or break.

by Martin Burns

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