Coloured contact lenses "must be official products"

Coloured contact lenses "must be official products"

By Alexa Kaczka

People keen to change their appearance by investing in coloured contact lenses have been issued a warning from one sector source.

The Nigerian Tribune documented the story of one woman who bought coloured contact lenses for fashion purposes but soon found that the products gave her red, irritated eyes, which was attributed to improper handling.

However, the source noted that it is also essential to buy the products from a reputable manufacturer and ensure the instructions are followed closely.

"Touching the eye and inserting a foreign object has the potential to introduce germs in the eye that can cause infections and a fungal discharge. Being careless while putting them in or taking them out could scratch the cornea or even damage the eye," the news provider explained.

Earlier this week, Dr Assumpta Madu, from the New York Montefiore Medical Centre, told the BBC that it is important to buy contact lenses from a reputable supplier, even if they are only a fashion accessory.

by Adrian Galbreth

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