Girls with contact lenses told to take care

Girls with contact lenses told to take care

Young contact lens wearers, particularly female customers, have been told to take care when handling the products.

That is the advice issued by the RAK Hospital, following a series of awareness lectures amongst youngsters on the importance of maintaining proper hygiene while wearing contact lenses, the Khaleej Times reports.

According to the hospital, many girls who wear contact lenses neglect to follow the instructions issued by the manufacturer and are subsequently placing themselves at risk.

The newspaper stated: "Dr Kumar Hariharan, ophthalmologist at RAK Hospital, urged the girls to be careful while using make-up and to take proper care of their eyes. Eye hygiene, according to him, was a preventive measure for keeping eye allergies and severe corneal damage away."

Writing for Helium.com recently, Lenna Gonya said that it seems obvious to clean contact regularly, but lots of people fail to do so and may be placing themselves at risk of infection.

by Emily Tait

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