Laser eye surgery "a reasonable option" for many

Laser eye surgery "a reasonable option" for many

By Alexa Kaczka

As many people may spend up to £30,000 in their lifetime on glasses, laser eye surgery may be a wise option, one source has stated.

Tony Veverka, chief executive of Ultralase, told the Belfast Telegraph that laser eye surgery is a "safe and effective" treatment which can also be cost-effective when long-term outgoings on spectacles are taken into account.

"Whilst consumer confidence does have an impact on the number of people undergoing laser eye surgery, there are still segments that see it as an absolute must and are having treatment," he explained.

Mr Veverka told the publication that, despite many people putting off the idea of laser eye surgery during the recession, these consumers will still be a "viable" market in the future as the economy settles.

Recently, data compiled by Glasses Direct found that 47 per cent of UK adults do not buy glasses because of the supposed high costs of the products, while 65 per cent of those who do purchase spectacles say they feel like they have paid over the odds for them.

by Martin Burns

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