Contact lenses "ideal for people in middle age"

Contact lenses "ideal for people in middle age"

Middle-aged people looking to improve their vision while not making themselves appear older should consider investing in contact lenses, one source has recommended.

Candace Van Auken, writing for Suite 101, pointed out that middle-aged people do not have to wear glasses to combat the problem of poor eyesight, as there are plenty of contact lenses on the market to solve the problem.

She noted that even people whose vision problems are worse in one eye or different in both eyes can benefit from contact lenses thanks to a treatment strategy called monovision.

Ms Van Auken explained: "The trick is simply to make the two contact lenses of different strengths, so that the contact lens in the dominant eye corrects for myopia (distance vision), while the contact lens in the non-dominant eye corrects for presbyopia (near vision)".

Recently, Dr Jeffrey Walline, from Ohio State University College of Optometry, said that some people are of the opinion that glasses are far easier to wear on a daily basis than contact lenses, but this is not necessarily the case thanks to the reduced hassle of using the products. 

by Martin Burns

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