Contact lens wearers "must observe hygiene"

Contact lens wearers "must observe hygiene"

It is essential that contact lens wearers follow strict hygiene rules in order to ensure they stay as safe as possible.

That is the opinion of Patience Akumu, writing for the Ugandan Observer, who noted that contact lens wearers require higher daily hygiene standards than glasses wearers when it comes to the issue of storing the products.

She said that whereas glasses can be left in a case, contact lenses need to be stored in solution or disposed of, although the source pointed out that the products can significantly enhance the life of users, with many different options to choose from.

"Soft contact lenses conform to the shape of your eye. They are thin, gel-like lenses and are said to be the most comfortable kind. Thanks to their gel-like form, they tend to remain intact and not fall out," Ms Akumu stated.

Meanwhile, David Gritz, a Montefiore Medical Center researcher, has told Reuters that the rise in ulcerative keratitis in the US is mainly due to the improper use of contact lenses.

by Alexa Kaczka

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