Contact lenses "becoming more convenient"

Contact lenses "becoming more convenient"

The rise in the popularity of contact lenses has been partially attributed to the fact that the vision correction devices are becoming more convenient.

According to the British Lifestyles – Focusing on the Essentials published by Mintel and seen by Optometry Today, the growth of the optical goods market will continue due to the ageing population.

Although glasses have long been the favourite means of vision correction, the report states that the increased comfort of contact lenses and convenience of them are quickly seeing them overtake spectacles.

In addition, the report suggests that new developments in monthly and daily disposable contact lenses have affected the sales of cleaning solutions, Optometry Today notes.

This was attributed to the fact that people are moving away from traditional forms of contact lens, such as fortnightly ones.

Recently, Candace Van Auken, writing for Suite 101, pointed out that middle-aged people do not have to wear glasses to combat the problem of poor eyesight, as there are plenty of contact lenses on the market to solve the problem.

by Adrian Galbreth

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