1 in 10 drivers "fail to wear contact lenses"

1 in 10 drivers "fail to wear contact lenses"

Despite thousands of UK drivers requiring spectacles or contact lenses, one in ten people are failing to wear them and putting other motorists at risk as a result, it has been claimed.

Research compiled by LV car insurance shows that 45 per cent of UK motorists should wear glasses while behind the wheel but many neglect to do so.

According to the organisation, this recklessness is compromising the safety of other road users and also putting the driver at risk of receiving a conviction and fine.

Commenting on the figures, Tony Russell, an optician for SelectSpecs.com, told Wales Online that eyecare is often neglected, especially by people who have never worn vision correction before.

"Regardless of how accurate you feel your eyesight is, it generally changes over time and it may not be immediately noticeable because you tend to get used to imperfect vision as it slowly deteriorates," he stated.

Recently, Gene Newman, writing for NewJersey.com, said that people who wear glasses can often find that they are nuisance, due to the fact that they can alter people"s perception and make some tasks difficult.

by Emily Tait

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