Contact lenses "more convenient than glasses"

Contact lenses "more convenient than glasses"

Posted by Alexa Kaczka

Contact lenses wearers can enjoy significantly more comfort than people who wear glasses for vision correction, one source has observed.

A post on EzineMark.com said that contact lens wearers have the bonus of not having to worry about putting their glasses down and losing them or, even worse, breaking them.

In addition, the source claimed that contact lenses are a more attractive option for people who suffer from vision problems but want to go out without having to wear glasses.

The writer also noted that people who take part in sports often find that wearing lenses is either dangerous or uncomfortable, with contact lenses providing a far more convenient alternative.

Last week, Rose Pastore, writing for AAP News, said that some children are fearful of being teased for wearing glasses and may be suitable candidates for contact lenses, while those who play sport may also benefit.

by Adrian Galbreth

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