Halloween contact lenses "will be popular in 2010"

Halloween contact lenses "will be popular in 2010"

By Emily Tait

The popularity of coloured and decorative contact lenses is likely to increase in 2010 as people go all-out to create the perfect costume, one source believes.

Tom Bohan, founder of HalloweenLenses.org, said that people all over the world are likely to be wearing coloured contact lenses in order to complete their look on October 31st.

He pointed to the popularity of films such as the Twilight series, where the lead actor Robert Pattinson wears coloured contact lenses to make him look like a vampire, and said that people attempting to emulate the 'vampire chic' look will be on the hunt for the same yellow lenses.

"Halloween has been growing in popularity in recent years especially with blockbuster movie hits like Avatar and the Twilight Saga people can adopt their favourite alter ego for the festivities," Mr Bohan explained.

Recently, Pattinson revealed that wearing the coloured contact lenses to transform into the vampire Edward Cullen helps him truly get into the role. 

by Alexa Kaczka

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