Special coating "could enable long-term contact lens wear"

Special coating "could enable long-term contact lens wear"

A special type of coating may enable people to wear contact lenses for far longer than they usually do, one expert has claimed.

Ted Reid of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock, said that the metal coating could allow contact lens wearers to keep them in for up to two months, the Science Blog notes.

According to the expert, coating the lenses with a layer of selenium, which is an antibacterial metal, could keep them free from bacteria for a much longer period of time.

The blog explained: "Although selenium can be toxic to humans in large quantities, these lenses would apparently be safe, with less selenium than you"d find in an average lunch. Reid hopes the coating could be used on other internal devices, like heart valves."

Recently, Canadian scientists developed a brand new type of artificial cornea by creating a thin, transparent sliver of a collagen protein that can be placed onto the damaged eye, much like a contact lens.

by Emily Tait

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