Disposable contact lenses "the perfect solution"

Disposable contact lenses "the perfect solution"

Disposable contact lenses are the perfect solution for people with busy lives, one source has observed.

Paula Masi, writing for Article Cube, said that people with very busy lives who work long hours often do not have time to clean contact lenses and recommended that they wear disposable lenses as a perfect vision correction solution.

The source pointed to one-day Acuvue lenses as one particular product which is proving popular with people all over the world.

"Acuvue pioneered a revolution in contact lenses when they released the world"s very first soft disposable lenses in 1988. Not only are they are affordable and comfy, but they also can be worn by those who have astigmatism and even presbyopia," the source added.

Euromonitor International"s recent contact lenses report focuses on the size and shape of the market and found that convenience is very important, with demand high for disposable and silicone hydrogel contact lenses.

by Alexa Kaczka

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