Contact lenses "have many advantages" over glasses

Contact lenses "have many advantages" over glasses

Contact lenses have many advantages over glasses, with people who make the switch between the products likely to notice the improvement straight away, one source has stated.

A post on EzineMark.com noted that, compared with spectacles, contact lenses are convenient to carry, more attractive and can be far less expensive than a pair of designer glasses.

The source went on to explain: "Usually, lenses in the market can be categorised into various groups, with different styles and brands. However, certain lenses are only suitable for particular people. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with an optician before buying."

According to the source, contact lens users should also observe hygienic practices when using the products, such as handling them carefully, always washing hands before use and storing them appropriately.

A recent report entitled British Lifestyles - Focusing on the Essentials published by Mintel found that the growth of the optical goods market will continue in the coming years due to the ageing population.

by Adrian Galbreth

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