Solution manufacturers to issue different guidance?

Solution manufacturers to issue different guidance?

By Martin Burns

Multi-Purpose contact lenses solution manufacturers may soon be offering different guidance after recommendations from the US Center for Devices and Radiological Health, reports suggest.

According to Optician Online, makers of contact lens solution should remove the phrase 'No Rub' from all product labels and instead emphasise the importance of avoiding 'rubbing and rinsing'.

It also noted that products which claim to be multi-purpose should be exactly that - being capable of storing, rinsing, cleaning and disinfecting, not just two or three of these things, the source reports.

Howard Griffiths, technical director at Sauflon Pharmaceuticals, told Optician Online that the guidance was unlikely to be enforced outside the US.

"As far as impact on Sauflon in the UK market, I can say that unlike our competitors, Sauflon has not been an advocate of the 'No Rub' approach for MPS products, so there is no impact," he told the website.

Recently, manufacturer Abbott recalled its contact lens solution in some parts of the Middle East and Europe, after it found that loose-fitting caps on the bottles could affect the lifespan and sterility of the products and potentially put customers at risk.

by Emily Tait

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