Contact lenses "the best alternative to glasses"

Contact lenses "the best alternative to glasses"

People seeking a form of vision correction which is convenient and easy to use will find that contact lenses are ideal, according to one source.

Ralphe Andrade, writing for Lon"s Article Directory, said that contact lenses are a favourite among those requiring comfortable vision correction, but it is important to take care when handling and storing the products.

"They are really simple to use, although they must be taken care of. There are numerous methods that you could use to take care of your contact lenses, which will ensure that they stay healthy and remain comfortable when you wear them," he explained.

Mr Andrade added that washing hands thoroughly before use and adopting the correct solution, as well as following instructions on the container, will ensure maximum protection.

Recently, Dr Jeffrey Walline, from Ohio State University College of Optometry, said that the benefits of wearing contact lenses outweigh those of reading glasses, as they can be much less hassle.

by Martin Burns

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