Contact lens storage "needs extra vigilance"

Contact lens storage "needs extra vigilance"

By Alexa Kaczka

It is essential that contact lens wearers take extra care when storing the products in order to minimise the risk of infection, one sector expert has warned.

Eye expert and qualified optician Richard Pakey has told Journalism.co.uk that many contact lens wearers are neglecting their eye health by not heeding warnings about the acanthamoeba parasite.

It is capable of burrowing into the eyeball and even causing blindness, and Mr Pakey said this highlights the importance of proper storage techniques, as well as using the right contact lens solution.

He told the website: "This parasite lives in water and since most people store their contact lenses in the bathroom it is very likely that the lenses will come into contact with water at some point. Wearers need to ensure that they take proper steps to keep their lenses sterile."

The effects of the condition were recently highlighted by Keith Poole, writing for the Daily Mail, who said that contact lens wearers need to take extra care to safeguard themselves from the parasite.

by Martin Burns

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