How contact lenses are fitted

How contact lenses are fitted

People who want to wear contact lenses should attend an eye test and fitting at an opticians or optometrists, according to J&J.

This involves measuring the eye and this data is used to prepare the prescription that can then be used to order contact lenses online.

J&J likened the process to being fitted with a new pair of shoes and pointed out that if contact lenses are not properly fitted then they can feel just as uncomfortable as wearing a size too big or small.

Interestingly, J&J also notes people who want to wear contact lenses for cosmetic reasons only - such as to make their eyes a different colour - should also be fitted with contact lenses.

As medical devices, contact lenses can be bought with a valid, written prescription.

While the NHS suggests an eye examination at least once every two years, J&J recommends one every year.

Coloured contact lenses can also be bought cheaply online, for people who need vision correction as well as those who want to use them as a fashion accessory.

by Emily Tait

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