Hislop"s secret image

Hislop"s secret image

Have I Got News For You star and Private Eye editor Ian Hislop has been put under the spotlight by a newspaper.

The journalist and media personality is known for his sharp wit against equally observant opponents on the quick-fire television show.

He is also known for his smart, if slightly eccentric, way of dressing on screen and the Telegraph article revealed he takes his image quite seriously.

"When there are no cameras around, Ian Hislop wears black-rimmed glasses rather than contact lenses," it said.

It also commented on how he grows a full beard between filming series.

"There is a difference, then, between his public and private identity," it added.

The Telegraph article noted how journalism colleague Piers Morgan attempted to uncover "dirt" on him - and how Hislop came out looking whiter than white.

Have I Got News For You has been running for almost two decades and Hislop has allegedly appeared in every single show.

by Adrian Galbreth

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