Coloured contact lenses "must be official"

Coloured contact lenses "must be official"

By Alexa Kaczka

It is vital that people considering investing in coloured contact lenses purchase them from a reputable supplier, one source has stated.

An advice article on Malaya.com said that contact lens wearers benefit from excellent vision correction and great comfort, but only if the products are bought from an official supplier.

According to the source, teenagers in particular are susceptible to infection because many fail to read the instructions on the box and do not check the validity of coloured lenses bought over the internet.

"Colored contact lenses are now more readily available and also more affordable. Unfortunately, some people do not understand that improper use and care of contact lenses can cause severe eye infections of the cornea," the website added.

For those who do buy lenses from a reputable supplier, the Watches Store blog recently pointed out that there are colours to suit every individual, from people aiming to slightly alter the shade of their iris to those looking for a complete optical transformation.

by Adrian Galbreth

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