Lasik contact lens advice highlighted

Lasik contact lens advice highlighted

Millions of people around the world have opted to undergo Lasik laser eye surgery to try to improve their vision.

The majority of these will have worn contact lenses or glasses prior to making the decision - and the choice often boils down to the convenience of not having to worry about prescriptions.

In addition, some people who play sports might decide having the surgery is the right thing for them.

People who wear contact lenses are advised to stop wearing them a week before they undergo the procedure.

Not everyone can have laser eye surgery, while others find it is not permanent.

The normal effects of ageing on the eye cannot be reversed by Lasik either and an optician will advise people on the best way to go about correcting vision affected by age.

Opticians will fit test contact lenses tailored to each person"s individual eye shape and needs.

A prescription can then be used to order contact lenses online.

by Adrian Galbreth

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