Age "need not be a factor" in contact lens wear

Age "need not be a factor" in contact lens wear

Age does not have to be a factor for people considering wearing contact lenses, one source has observed.

Today Online reported that Rhadika Rewal began wearing contact lenses at the age of 11 after developing myopia, and has quickly adjusted to the change in vision correction.

Her mother told the source that this year Rhadika bought her first box of daily disposable lenses and now wears them at the weekend when playing basketball in order to manage her eye condition, she has a current prescription of -3.00.

"I felt that her spectacles were in danger of being knocked off during a practice session, so I thought it might be better for her to wear contact lenses," Mrs Rewal told the source.

Recently, a post on the health section of ezinemark.com stated that contact lenses are an ideal option for people who take part in vigorous activity, as they can be worn without fear of breaking, unlike spectacles.

by Alexa Kaczka

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