Children "benefit from wearing contact lenses"

Children "benefit from wearing contact lenses"

A new poll has found that half of schoolchildren who require vision correction would benefit more from wearing contact lenses.

The Contact Lenses in Pediatrics Study, carried out by experts at the Ohio State University College of Optometry, New England College of Optometry and University of Houston College of Optometry, showed that 68 per cent of children and 65 per cent of teens noticed improved performance in activities through wearing contact lenses.

It follows a study carried out by Fairfield Research among members of the Good Housekeeping Reader Advisory Panel, which found that 42 per cent of children dislike wearing glasses, while 50 per cent would prefer to wear contact lenses.

Commenting on the findings, the ARA noted: "Today, there are vision correction options to meet every child"s needs, so take the time to schedule a visit to an eye care practitioner to see which option works best for your child." 

by Alexa Kaczka

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