New website launched for keratoconus patients

New website launched for keratoconus patients

Contact lens manufacturer SynergEyes has launched an educational website designed to help patients seeking information and treatment options for the eye disease keratoconus.

The condition is a debilitating one in which the cornea thins and becomes cone-shaped and irregular and can significantly impair people"s quality of life, and the organisation is hoping it can help people to manage the condition more effectively.

Kellie Kaseburg, vice president of Global Marketing for SynergEyes, pointed out that the site includes sections including Common Questions, Treatment Options, Hybrid Contact Lens Technology and an interactive section called Ask An Expert.

"We know that thousands of keratoconus patients are searching for information to help them learn about their disease and understand the treatment options available to them," she added.

It comes after research by experts at the University of Oregon, led by scientist Dr Albert O Edwards, found that an alteration in the transcription-factor-4 gene leads to Fuchs corneal dystrophy emerging in middle-aged people. 

by Alexa Kaczka

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