Eyeliner tips for contact lens users

Eyeliner tips for contact lens users

Using makeup with contact lenses can sometimes be tricky - and eyeliner can be a nightmare, according to one website.

A letter to philstar.com asked in particular about eyeliner pencils that are too hard or too soft.

The beauty columnist said: "Since I have poor eyesight and have to wear graded contact lenses, [some] eye products easily irritate my eyes … these have been safe to use even for contact lens wearers like me or even those with sensitive eyes."

Other beauty experts recommend slightly warming an eye pencil that is too hard to apply without scraping the eyelid - by breathing on it.

The best types of eye cosmetics to use with contact lenses are hypoallergenic or other made specifically for sensitive eyes.

Many makeup manufacturers will specify on the label whether the product is suitable for people who wear contact lenses.

People should ensure they take out their lenses before using an eye makeup remover so the lens does not become contaminated or damaged.

by Emily Tait

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