Worcester residents share vision loss experiences

Worcester residents share vision loss experiences

Worcester residents who have lost their sight have been invited, along with their carers, to share their experiences.

This will form part of the Worcester Sight Strategy, which is being delivered by Worcester County Council, the county's NHS trust and Sight Concern branch, the Worcester Standard reports.

The strategy aims to promote information that will help to eliminate avoidable sight loss.

It will also focus on how the inclusion, participation and independence of people with sight problems can be enhanced.

Helen Garfield, from the county council's joint commissioning unit, said that there has already been a great response from people over the last five weeks.

"It'd be great to hear from even more people, including carers of people with sight loss – they can often be the ones dealing with organisations and sorting out what services are available," she added.

Eye specialists at the University of East Anglia recently suggested that the nutrient histidine could stop cataracts from forming.

Posted by Alexa Kaczka

by Alexa Kaczka

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