Disinfecting contact lenses "an essential task"

Disinfecting contact lenses "an essential task"

By Alexa Kaczka

Disinfecting contact lenses is essential if people are to ensure they maintain healthy vision, one source has pointed out.

An article on PR Wire stated that, although contact lenses are an excellent means of vision correction, they need to be looked after and stored properly to eliminate the risk of infection.

"They can also be harmful to your eyes if they are not properly cared for. Not disinfecting your contact lenses or the contact lens case can lead to eye infections and eye problems," the source explained.

However, it added that those who take care of them will find contact lenses are a welcome alternative to glasses, which can easily be lost or broken.

According to the Arab Times, before applying, removing, cleaning or handling the products in any way, lens wearers should be sure to wash and dry their hands thoroughly in order to minimise the risk of eye infections.

by Adrian Galbreth

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