Boys "becoming interested in coloured contact lenses"

Boys "becoming interested in coloured contact lenses"

The popularity of coloured contact lenses among young men is beginning to rise, it has been claimed.

Although majority of purchases of coloured contact lenses are usually made by women, a new survey conducted by the Indian Market Research Bureau has shown that coloured contact lenses are now a favourite among students of both genders.

According to the report, interest is rising among men, with 50 per cent of male students saying that contact lenses made them look "cool", while only 19 per cent felt the same about glasses.

Sunil Gadgil, general manager of marketing at Bausch + Lomb, told Mid-Day: "College-going youngsters experiment a lot. While the vast majority of consumers prefer sticking to natural shades like browns and greens, college goers try unconventional shades as well."

Recently, Ophthalmologist Kruy Arv Pors of Preah Ang Doung in Phnom Penh said that people considering investing in coloured contact lenses will find that they can be an excellent means of changing their appearance, but added that they need extra care when worn.

by Emily Tait

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